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The Lightroom Studio - Photography Studio Space in Dallas, TX

Our Location


Please check our parking directions and send them to your team:

The Lightroom Studio is located at 4310 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX. Ste 102 on the first floor. Plenty of parking is available behind the building, so there's no need to stress about finding a spot. Use the door code 8787 to enter the studio building. If you have trouble finding us, give us a call, and we'll come to the rescue you.

Our Capacity - Perfect for Small Groups


At The Lightroom Studio, we believe that the perfect group size for a photography session is six people. This capacity ensures that everyone has enough room to move around comfortably and that the focus stays on creating amazing shots. However, if you have a larger group, we might not be the best fit for you. Our capacity is strict, and we do not allow groups over six people to enter the studio. We're like the bouncers of photography, and we take our capacity limit seriously.


Setup and Tear-Down Time


Time flies when you're having fun, and we understand that. However, we ask that you make sure you're out of the studio by the end of your scheduled time slot. Failure to do so will result in an additional half-hour overtime fee. We promise this fee is only to keep things fair for everyone and to ensure that the studio is ready for the next photographer.




We have a variety of backdrops to choose from at The Lightroom Studio. Our default color is white. We love seeing all the creative combos you come up with. If you want to switch things up and add more color during your booking, just let us know beforehand, and we'll add a $10 fee per additional color for a paper backdrop and $25 for hand painted canvas options.

Last-minute backdrop changes often aren't available. 


No Messy Materials: Glitter, Confetti, Feathers, Fake Snow, and More


No glitter, confetti, feathers, fake snow, powdery substances, sprays, or anything messy: We ask that you refrain from using any messy materials, such as glitter, confetti, or fake snow, that could be difficult to clean up and cause damage to the studio space. Additionally, we ask that you do not use any sprays or powders that could leave residue or stains.


Decor Policy: Please Do Not Move Items Around the Fireplace


No moving of the decor around the fireplace: Our decor around the fireplace has been carefully arranged to create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere for all of our customers. Please refrain from moving any of these items, as they are not meant to be touched or rearranged.


Pet Policy: Sorry, No Pets Allowed


Sorry, no pets allowed: Unfortunately, we do not allow pets in our studio space. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our customers, as well as to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.


Smoking and Drug Use: Strictly Prohibited




Music Volume: Please Keep at a Reasonable Level


Music must be played at a reasonable level: While we encourage you to enjoy music during your studio session, we ask that you keep the volume at a reasonable level to ensure that it does not disturb neighboring businesses or residences.


Hygiene Policy: No Body Oils, Lotions, or Creams on Furniture


No body oils, lotions, or creams on the furniture: To prevent damage to our furniture and ensure a clean and hygienic environment for all of our customers, we ask that you refrain from using any body oils, lotions, or creams on our furniture.

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