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"There will always be a door to the light.

- Shiro Amano

     In early 2020, right around the time the pandemic had just started, Vlad and Jasmine were living in Las Vegas. They discussed the idea of having a studio together, but it was only a dream. Having a studio was the perfect way for them to combine both of their shared interests in photography, fashion, and aesthetics. However, they had no idea how to establish one. They were in a slump and felt complacent, just like many people felt in their 20s or let alone 2020, so they decided to move to LA. They needed a change of pace and scenery, and LA seemed like the perfect place for them. A center for art, aesthetics, fashion, and photography, Los Angeles seemed like the perfect first step towards their path of having a studio, so they started to research a place to live there. However, after countless hours of looking at $2,000 studio apartments, Vlad had a spur of the moment decision. He mentioned they should move to Texas. TEXAS?! The thought of living there had never once crossed Jasmine’s mind as she was born and raised in the West, but why not? The two went for it. They packed up all their belongings, said goodbye to their family, and headed for Texas! 

     Initially, the couple stayed in Houston for a month, so they could visit the different cities in Texas and choose which one they would make their home. They first debated between Austin and Houston, but after having a 15 minute stop-over in Dallas, they felt a spark. Not expecting to have Dallas as a choice for them, they discussed the possibility of moving there and ended up visiting the city for a few days to look at places to live. That’s when they knew. With Dallas’ big city vibes, huge art scene, and, most importantly, amazing food, Vlad and Jasmine knew that this was the place. This was home. 

     The two knew they wanted to start with a live-in studio space, but they didn’t know where to find one or if it was even possible. They lived in a beautiful apartment complex in Oak Lawn for their first six months until they discovered that they could rent out a loft to create the studio they always wanted. Thanks to one of their first friends in Dallas, who also owned a photography studio, they were able to find the space that they wanted and make their dreams into reality. And now, it is. 

And now, gracefully transitioning from its previous loft space, The Lightroom Studio has blossomed into a distinct location on Gaston Avenue. No longer confined to a loft, our studio has expanded into a dedicated space that embraces its own identity. Here, amidst the captivating ambiance of natural light, we cater to a diverse range of needs, including branding, portraits, headshots, and more. Meticulously curated with an eye for detail, our stylish and functional studio showcases antique props and furniture that exude a timeless allure, enriching every shoot with a touch of vintage elegance.

     The Lightroom Studio represents the light at the end of the tunnel when they were in a dark place. The light at the beginning of a dream. A culmination of all things they love - aesthetics, antique vintage, creativity, and art, The Lightroom Studio offers a space for creatives to bring their artistic visions to life. 

Photo Together Vlad and Jasmine
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